Add Shapes To Videos Online For Free And Without Watermark

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3 Simple Steps To Add Shapes To Videos With Recast

Recast Studio’s online video editor helps you add shapes to videos to make your video stand out from your competition quickly & easily, just like a professional editor. In just a few simple steps.

1. Upload Your Video Instantly

You can just drag & drop the raw footage and start to add shapes to videos with our easy to use interface. No need to wait for your upload to complete.

2. Add Shapes To Videos On Your Timeline

On the timeline of our video editor, adjust the start and endpoint of the video. Then by selecting the shape tool from our video editor, start adding shapes to your videos. You can use it either hide sensitive information or highlight an offer by adding text on top of the shape and much more. Explore the option and be creative with your video.

3. Beautify Your Video (Optional)

If you want to add emojis, stickers in the video. Or even add intro or outro. Go ahead. Recasts powerful features will allow you to enhance your message in your video.

4. Download Your Full HD Video In One-Click

Once you have done with adding shapes and annotating on your video, just check the preview once and download your HD video file with one click.

Key Features Of Recast’s Add Shapes To Videos

1. Easy To Use Option To Add Shapes To Videos

Now with just a one clicks on our video editor, you can add any shapes to your videos and give your brand a more fun feel. This is will make your videos feel more personalized and audience will connect better with the brand.

2. Supports MP4 File Format

This online video editor supports MP4 file format.

3. Complete Customer Support

If you feel that you’re stuck somewhere with video formatting, or at any other video editing features. Reach us out through chat or email and we will surely get back to you.

4. Perfect To Add Shapes To Videos For Online Marketers

Now you can create great-looking drawing for your music videos, ads, Facebook posts and other online marketing needs without being an artist. The tool is intuitive and doesn’t require effort to learn. Let your imagination go and create amazing online marketing material for your brand.​

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