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How To Convert Your Podcasts To Social Videos?

1. Upload Your Audio In The Project

Start with a blank project. Upload your audio file and then trim and split the audio as required.


2. Add Your Podcast Cover Image

You can upload your podcast cover image or you can also choose from our library of stock images that are relevant to your topic. Add the image to your canvas and adjust its duration.


3. Add Animated Audio Waveform Visualizer & Other Elements To Enhance Your Video

After adding the audio track and cover image, look for “Add Elements > Audio Visualizer” in the Top Bar. And select the track which you want to connect with the audio spectrum visualizer. Apart from that, you can also overlay your podcast with stock videos, GIFs, Emojis, Text & Shapes. Which will enhance your video further.


4. Add Subtitles / Closed-Captions To Your Podcast Clip With Auto-Transcription

Most users on social media scrolling through their feed on mute. You want to make sure that you grab their attention. The best way to do it is to use subtitles so that they can get value from your content even when you are on mute.


5. Download Your Full HD, Repurposed & Packaged Video In One-Click

Once you are done with converting your podcast to video, just check the preview once and download your HD video file with one click.


1. Promote Your Podcast Clips On Multiple Social Media Platforms

With video, you can reach a wider audience who would have not discovered you otherwise.


2. Share Your Podcast On Instagram Stories, YouTube & Facebook With Your Podcast Snippets

By converting your audio podcasts to video. You can start building your social audience and promote your podcasts to a wider audience.


3. Audiogram Podcasts: Used By Radio Podcast Show Runners To Promote Their Content

Professional podcasters use Recast Studio’s software to create audiogram podcasts & promote their shows on their social platforms to pull the audience to their platform.


4. Create Teasers With Our Vodcast Creator To Generate Previews For Longform Podcasts

Vodcast = Video + Podcast. Recast Studio was built for podcasters who want the flexibility and control of a professional video editor but also simplicity in user experience. Podcasters use Recast Studio to create teasers for their long-form podcasts.

podcast to video
podcast to video

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