Covid-19 Medical Facts and prevention tips

Corona virus are Curable ?

Covid – 19 diseases can be avoided, we need to know only the right knowledge and some medical facts about it. Here I am presenting some covid -19 medical facts and prevention tips for coronavirus which will bring positivity inside the people.

Covid-19 Medical Facts And Prevention Tips

Facts About Coronavirus

Let me tell you one thing, if you endure Corona’s active Nine days, then you have a 99 percent chance of recovering because you will be surprised to know that the coronavirus is not known to remain in any bodies for more than 9 days. Life in its body is only 9 days or not, then why is it to be afraid of Corona? We just have to fight for 9 days. And one more thing no corona-infected person can transmit the coronavirus after nine days.


Now the question arises here, why do people reach such a critical condition?
So the answer is that in 9 days it causes a lot of damage in our body, especially in the lungs, because our immunity is weak, people who have immunity recover quickly. That is why all doctors and experts recommend strengthening immunity.

There is no need to go to all Corona-positive people in hospitals, there is no cure for Corona, there is no medicine for Coronavirus yet, only those people who have reached critical condition due to Corona Virus Symptoms. This is because only the symptoms are being treated in the hospital, you can consult a doctor online or over the phone at home if you are mild, for this, you can also use online applications like Practo and Dhani app.
That is why it is very important for us to know some medical terms.

Blood pressure in the body.

120/80 – Normal *
130/85 – Normal (Control)
140/90 – High slightly increased
150/95 – Very High


Oxygen Level

On checking with Oxygen Oximeter ..

  • 94 – Normal *
    95, 96, 97 se 100 oxygen level Very good.
    90 Te 93 Oxygen Level
    80 Te 89 Oxygen level should be admitted on the advice of very few doctors.
oxygen level


72 Per Minute (Standard) Very good.
60 — 80 P.M. (Normal) Medium
90 te 120 Pulse Enlarged


On checking with digital thermometer.

92 to 98.6 F (Fever) No Fever (Normal)
99.0 F little fever

F to 102 F more fever

On doing HRCT or chest CT SCAN.

  1. HRCT score: 0 – 8 (Mild Infection).
  2. HRCT score: 9 – 18 (Moderate Infection).
  3. HRCT score: 19 – 25 Severe Infection.
  4. The treatment :
    In mild infections, normal medicine can be cured. Severe infection requires oxygen and a ventilator
  5. What does HRCT Score mean?
    Due to corona infection, inflammation occurs on the sacs that absorb oxygen, and phlegm in them. Someone who seems to be inferior to another person infield of beauty intellect, etc.
    While performing CT SCAN, his score is removed by seeing how many parts of the lame are infected by doing 25 parts of it.
    That is, the higher the score, the greater the difficulty in taking oxygen and the higher the risk.
ct scan

How to know if you are infected with Corona virus.?

Throat drying
Dry cough, Taste loss, Smell loss
High body temperature
Shortness of breath
body ache

Drinking lemon with warm water kills the virus before it reaches the lungs.

Three stages of corona: –

  1. Corona in the nose only – the recovery time is half a day, it usually does not have a fever and it is called asymptomatic.
    What to do in it: – Inhale steam from Steamer and take vitamin C.
  2. Sore Throat – Recovery time is 1 day
    What to do in it: – Gargle warm water, take warm water to drink, take lemon water, if you have a fever, take paracetamol. Vitamin C, B, if severe.
    Take B Complex, D, and antibiotic.
  3. Cough in lungs – cough and breathlessness in 4 to 5 days.
    What to do in it: Gargle hot water, take hot water for drinking, take lemon water, take vitamin C, B complex, paracetamol and consume lemon with lukewarm water. Check your oxygen level with the pulse oximeter. If you do not have an oximeter, you can buy it from any drugstore.
    Or do deep breathing exercises, if the problem is serious, ask for an oxygen cylinder and consult a doctor online.
    Take too much antiviral medicine in consultation with a doctor.

Stage to go to the hospital:

Checked your oxygen level with the oximeter. If it goes to below 92 (normal 95-100) and you have corona symptoms (such as fever, shortness of breath, etc.), you need an oxygen cylinder. For this, immediately contact and consult the nearest health care center.

Take care, and Be safe.

Essential medicine kit for Corona at home: –

1. Paracetamol or Dolo 650 mg SOS leve
2. Betadine Gargle with lukewarm water for mouthwash
3. Vitamin c Tab Limcee 500mg Sucking 3 or 4 times a day. It is a very powerful antioxidant. It is very effective. Increases immunity. Inactivates the virus.
4. Tab Vitamin D3 60k a week for up to 4 weeks
5.Tab B complex with multivitamin and trace elements such as Neurokind plus daily for 10 to 15 days of immunity
6. Steam take-throat repair and reduce viral load and make the virus inactive.

Other Medicine Only use for moderate cases (use only after doctor recommendation )

  1. Faviflu 1800mg 1 time only

Alternate Faviflu :- Faviguard, Foivir, Faviblu, Favilow, Cipvir (800mg) 2 to 7 days after food. (This is not for treat for coronavirus . its only help to reduce the viral load.)

Oxygen cylinder must be above normal 90 to see the pulse oxygenator placed oxygen level (emergency only)
Difficulty in taking breathing, sleep on the belly side which increases oxygen circulation in the lungs.
Gargle with salt in lukewarm water, squeeze lemon in lukewarm water, drink 3 or 4 times a day, and do deep breathing exercises.

These are the Ingredients For Best Improvement and Use Daily Basis…

Giloy Mix Kadha, Chyavanprash, Kali Mirch, Nariyal Pani, Hot Lemon Water, Hot Water, Curd (But Not Cold), Hot Turmeric Milk, Steam with Kadha, Leamon 2 -3 Times, Desi Eggs Boil, Dry Fruits 2-3 ( Mix With Turmeric Milk), Fruits Daily, Onion with Sendha Namak

Stay Healthy, Stay Safe! Please take care of your family and society. Stay at home and be safe. Note: pH of coronavirus is 5.5 to 8.5
Therefore, to eradicate the virus, all we need to do is to consume alkaline foods higher than the level of acidity of the virus.
Such as:

Green Lemon – 9.9 Ph
Yellow Lemon – 8.2 pH
Avocado – 15.6 pH
Garlic – 13.2 pH
Mango – pH 8.7
Tangerine – 8.5 pH
Pineapple – 12.7 ph
Cormorant – 22.7 ph
Oranges – 9.2 pH


Post-Covid Management

  1. Take a balanced nutritious diet
  2. Have adequate sleep and rest
  3. Have physical exercise or Yoga- increase it gradually
  4. Avoid smoking and consumption of alcohol
  5. Take regular medications as advised
  6. Self-health monitoring at home – temperature, blood pressure, blood sugar (especially, if diabetic), pulse oximetry, etc.
  7. For persistent dry cough / sore throat, do saline gargles and take steam inhalation.
  8. Get ECG, LFT, KFT, CBC, CRP, etc as per the doctor’s advice for monitoring health parameters

Essential Medical Tool kit for corona disease prevention

Here I am listing some essential medical tool kit for coronavirus disease prevention and need during recovery. This will help your recovery and monitoring yourself

  1. Oxygen Oximeter
  2. Temperature Monitor
  3. Steamer
  4. Hot water flask
  5. Electric Kettle
  6. Chawanprash
  7. Betadine gargle mint
  8. Throat Care Spray
  9. Tulsi Drop
  10. Nasal spray for covid-19
  11. Steam Added Medicine
  12. Sanitizer
  13. Face Mask
  14. Gloves
  15. Handwash
Home quarantine schedule

Above given information Only for knowledge purpose. Take any prescription and suggestion after Doctor consultation .

Do not keep this information to yourself. Share it with all your family and friends and all. You do not know how much life you are saving by sharing this information. Share it and help people so that more and more people can get information and avoid corona

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